Air Towel Hand Dryer

Energy efficient with benefits such as lower power consumption, quieter noise level, and takes up less space on the wall. A very hygienic option!

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SmartBidet SB-1000

An electronic toilet seat with Remote- multi-function wash and dry options. Controlled with a built-in control panel, it offers its users hygiene, comfort, and convenience

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New *** SB-110

New Model -An electronic toilet seat with multi-function wash and dry options. Stainless Steel Nozzle with Replaceable Nozzle Cap, Child Wash function Controlled with a built-in control panel

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Quality Importing

We pick the finest products to go through a rigorous process of incubation, marketing, promotion, and sales in order to provide them to distributors.

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Featured in numerous publications, HiTRONS SOLUTiONS INC is determined to stand by its reputation to work with you and your clients.

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